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Why cloud computing?

For some businesses, dedicated hosting works perfectly well but cloud computing does have some clear advantages to offer its users.

The Benefits

  • It's cost effective. There is no CapEx to deal with and a predictable OpEx as users pay for what they use.
  • It can be deployed rapidly. Public and Hybrid cloud solutions can be built in minutes and private cloud solutions in a matter of hours.
  • It provides true business agility
  • It's elastic. Users can scale their resources up and down as and when required.
  • It's reliable and redundant. At UKFast, our teams have developed flexible cloud solutions with build in redundancies, promising 100% network uptime.

One of the main reasons business owners give for resisting cloud computing is fear over lack of security. However, cloud hosting is highly secure because of its infrastructure. By pooling the technology into one place it is very easy to set up firewalls and anti-virus protection to cover the entire cloud. Furthermore, clouds have in-house security experts that are monitoring the facilities 24 hours a day and the high level of automation means that software based monitoring is highly effective.

With our new eCloud, clients are guaranteed high levels of security. The public, hybrid and private offerings are all secure from the ground-up from the data centres in which they are housed to the network and storage

All components have redundant power:

  • UKFast network: fully redundant at an NIC, switch, firewall and cabling level
  • Storage: redundant at a SAN level with dual controllers, FC links and cage level disk redundancy. Storage is also redundant at a data centre with cross-site volume replication.
  • Servers: redundant at a hardware level with UCS host profiles virtualising servers for easy migration to other hardware. Servers are also redundant at a cluster level and are all N+1, with an independent backup component protecting data in the event of a server failure.

There are several robust backup solutions available in the cloud. In the case of the Hybrid and Private Clouds, our single site and offsite backup solutions provide an even more robust defence against data loss and downtime, replicating data across multiple hardware nodes. Disaster Recovery solutions include active-active and active-passive site solutions. Clients also have 24/7 access to our virtual infrastructure engineers, providing additional peace of mind.

For a cost-effective, flexible and completely elastic hosting solution to give you improved business agility, cloud computing is a safe and scalable choice.

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