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eCloud Public

Combining dedicated virtual machines and security within shared enterprise hardware, eCloud Public provides you with a compute resources, that are scalable in a instant.

With eCloud Public you experience the cost-efficiencies of sharing enterprise hardware, whilst benefiting from your own secure virtual machine, isolated from other clients.


Your solution allows you to scale up RAM and storage, and your CPU is burstable, allowing for swift and simple expansion - or burst - in response to periods of increased traffic, followed by retraction when the traffic returns to normal levels.


You will only get charged for what resources you assign to your virtual machine, so you only pay for what you need.

Rapid Deployment

You have complete control over your solution, allowing you to configure, create and deploy your solution in minutes. To make any changes, simply log into MyUKFast.


eCloud Public offers the ultimate availability and speed from the cloud, offering high performance infrastructure and hardware without the enterprise-level price tag.


Your virtual area is protected by dedicated virtual VMware vShield Edge firewalls, isolating you from other cloud users. For further protection from external threats, every virtual server is protected by a Cisco ASA load-balanced shared firewall.

Redundancy and Reliability

Our dedicated teams have developed a solution to provide elastic, flexible cloud solutions with built-in redundancy and reliability, 100% network uptime and the opportunity to deploy in minutes rather than days. The solution is built upon industry-leading enterprise hardware including HP 3PAR storage, Cisco UCS Blades and Cisco 10g Networking.


Your eCloud Public solutions are in the safe and expert hands of our level-three qualified support engineers, who work with leading backup technologies including CommVault to restore your servers and critical data.


You can add a fail-safe backup solution, so in the unlikely event that you were to lose a virtual machine, you would swiftly get your company backup and running with our back-up and restore solution.

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eCloud Public

Cloud Infrastructure

The structure of this solution can be broken down into three principal layers: physical infrastructure, virtualisation and middleware.

Virtualisation Platform

Our virtualisation platform integrates superior world-class technology, VMware vCloud. As a leading VMware vPowered partner, UKFast offers bespoke client solutions to allow enhanced agility and resilience for business operations. All VMware management hypervisors and VMs are launched onto separate physical servers outside the UCS environment to allow for disaster recovery.

Middleware and client area

(i) Automation

We guarantee that your tailor-made solution will be built in seconds. Our in-house director automates and manages the build process from start to finish, ensuring the automation of the hardware node, firewall, virtual machine creation and software installation. This allows for the automatic provisioning of servers, virtual machines and storage resources.

(ii) Your control

Manage your preferences through your dedicated MyUKFast. Whether you're looking to increase your RAM and storage or even configure your firewall technology, MyUKFast offers a scalable and flexible service enabling you to make any changes as and when you need to.

Physical Infrastructure

The physical infrastructure incorporates reliable and efficient infrastructure, including: Tier 1 storage, Cisco UCS Blade Servers and an ultrafast 10G network. Storage is provided by a HP 3PAR SAN, while the implementation of a Converged Ethernet infrastructure ensures a fast-performing and secure environment for optimal performance.

Cisco UCS Blades

Delivering performance, versatility, and density without compromise, the Cisco UCS Blades Server addresses the broadest set of workloads, from IT and web infrastructure through to distributed database. The Cisco UCS Blade Server feature set offers price and performance to address a range of requirements, from IT infrastructure to Web 2.0 applications.

Cisco Nexus Switches

High-performance, low-latency 10 Gigabit Ethernet, delivered by a cut-through switching architecture, for 10 Gigabit Ethernet server access in next-generation data centres.


Our eCloud platform is built upon HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage. HP 3PAR storage is a tier 1 model that is found in the world's largest cloud data centres. We utilise the flagship product of the HP 3PAR StoreServ family, the HP 3PAR StoreServ 10000 sets the gold standard for Tier 1 storage with multi-tenancy, federation, and breakthrough automation for the world's most demanding environments.

Dedicated Virtual Firewalls

Your cloud solution is protected from external threats by your very own dedicated virtual firewall, helping to ensure 100% uptime.

UKFast Director

Create your very own virtual data centre, isolated from other users of the cloud environment, your virtual data centre permits you to create as many virtual machines as you require and for whichever purpose. Increase your RAM, Storage and CPU resources when you need them.

VMware vCenter

Allows our engineers to centrally manage the VMware vSphere environments, offering dramatically improved control over the virtual infrastructure. VMware vCenter enables the proactive management and scalability of your virtual environment.

Enterprise 3PAR SAN

Storing all of your data and virtual machines, our highly-resilient SAN and redundant RAID tiered storage ensures that your data is safe and protected.

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Your Options
RAM Scalable RAM
vCPU 1 vCPU - 10 vCPU
Storage Type Fibre channel and NL-SAS
Storage Minimum 20GB Linux & Windows
Firewall Options Shared Cisco ASA firewall as standard
Payment Model Pay-as-you-go cloud - no contract
Contracts available to achieve additional discounts
Available Operating Systems Windows 2008 R2
Windows 2012
CentOS 6
Ubuntu 12.04
Deployment Your virtual machines are built in minutes
Configure,control, build and deploy online

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