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eCloud Private

Harness the true power of the cloud with eCloud Private. For the first time, security, reliability and dedicated hosting combine to give you the perfect private cloud package.

Developed exclusively by UKFast, eCloud Private guarantees high availability and security with the advanced features of VMware virtualisation technology, to radically transform your IT infrastructure and maximise its performance.

eCloud Private enables your business to achieve maximum uptime with built-in redundancy, while Cisco UCS blade technology ensures performance and a 100% network guarantee. Solutions are housed in our world-class UK-based data centres, which are wholly-owned and operated by UKFast. With additional support from our cloud experts, you have the reliability you need to succeed.

Cost Savings

Enjoy huge cost savings with our eCloud Private solutions, due to huge CAPEX and OPEX savings. Virtualization enables you to consolidate your physical servers without any management headaches.

Dedicated Cisco UCS hardware nodes

Your very own dedicated servers power as many virtual machines as you require, in any configuration you need. Flexible and fully-redundant, your virtual machines can be spread across as many hypervisors as required.

Dedicated SAN

Storing all of your data and virtual machines, your SAN storage is fully-redundant to ensure no single point of failure. Covered by our SLA and 100% network uptime guarantee, your data is safe with our Dell Equal Logic SANs with redundant RAID storage, incorporating dedicated backup and restore solutions.

High availability

Your eCloud Private solution is configured with a scalable structure built for redundancy, meaning in the unlikely event you suffer an entire server loss, your remaining servers take over in a seamless transition, protecting your business from damaging downtime.

Simple Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery in the world of physical servers can be complex. eCloud Private lets you simplify your DR strategy and actually enables you to test your DR failover plan. With a backup and restore solution forming part of your package, you can backup and restore entire VMs from your hypervisor-based snapshots.

Take Control

We make it easy for you to take control of your business. Use your online portal to provision hardware nodes, create, customise, and deploy VMs, helping you to responsively meet demand and decrease time to market.

Supported by Experts

We manage and support your eCloud Private solution 24/7/365, including all underlying hardware and network infrastructure. Your calls are answered within three rings, giving you direct access to our VMware-certified support engineers to ensure the fastest resolution.

Take advantage of our Private cloud for ultimate performance

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eCloud Private

Cloud Infrastructure

The unique structure of this solution can be broken down to three principal layers:
  • Physical Infrastructure
  • Virtualisation Platform
  • Middleware and Client Area
  • Physical Infrastructure

    Benefit from our reliable and ultra-efficient infrastructure including Tier 1 storage, Cisco UCS Blade Servers and a superfast 10G network. Storage is available through a HP 3PAR SAN while a Converged Ethernet infrastructure guarantees a fast-performing and secure environment for optimal performance.

    Virtualisation Platform

    Our virtualisation platform integrates world-class technology, VMware vCloud. As a leading VMware vPowered partner, UKFast offers bespoke client solutions to give enhanced agility and resilience for business operations. All VMware management hypervisors and VMs are launched on separate physical servers outside the UCS environment to guarantee disaster recovery and auto-deploy functionality in the event of failure.

    Middleware and Client Area

    Automation is Freedom

    Your bespoke solution is built in less than two hours and our in-house team will manage the build process from start to finish, ensuring the smooth automation of the hardware node, firewall, virtual machine creation and software installation. Once completed, your solution will be finalised by our technical launch specialists. Allowing for the automatic provisioning of servers, virtual machines and storage resources, this also manages the automatic customisation of the guest OS and includes the automatic creation of the relevant database records in our management systems.

    You're in Control

    Manage your preferences through the dedicated MyUKFast online portal. Whether you're looking to increase your RAM and storage or configure your firewall technology, MyUKFast offers a scalable and flexible service enabling you to make changes exactly when you need them.

    Take advantage of our Private cloud

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