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Our customer satisfaction rating

It's all well and good choosing a hosting provider with premium equipment and secure data centres but how do you, as a client, know that your business is in the right hands? Cloud is good but cloud with unconditional technical support is great.

What is NPS?

Here at UKFast, we use Net Promoter Score to ascertain our customers' level of satisfaction with our performance. Net Promoter Score - or NPS - is a commonly used method of measuring customer satisfaction. It is used in many industries to gauge clients' feelings on products and services by asking "how likely are you to recommend this company to a friend or colleague?"

The UK average NPS is +7 and ours currently stands at 86.32.

What do we do with NPS?

The company strives to improve upon this number and, every week, the entire company gathers for a presentation where the NPS score is revealed and targets are set in order to increase it further. UKFast also gathers written feedback from clients who choose to leave it, adding a more personal edge to the data gathered from the NPS system. We are incredibly proud of about our outstanding 24/7/365 customer service and think that our NPS score reflects this passion.

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