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eCloud Hybrid

eCloud Hybrid combines elements of shared and dedicated cloud hosting, with dedicated hardware nodes combined with as much enterprise shared storage as you require, you're able to create your own virtual data centre. Allowing you to spin up as many virtual machines as your hardware is configured to allow.

Using the latest enterprise-level technologies from the world's leading IT companies including HP 3PAR and Cisco, eCloud Hybrid takes cloud performance to a new level. Load-balanced, shared Cisco ASA firewalls, as well as your own dedicated firewall, protect your solution from external threats while maintaining high performance and availability.

eCloud brings automation of the cloud to full force, allowing you to initiate hardware upgrades automatically and add virtual machines to your solution with a few clicks of a mouse.

With the cost-efficiency of a shared environment and the performance of a dedicated cloud, eCloud Hybrid really does provide you with the best of both worlds.

You're in Control

eCloud Hybrid allows you to configure your solution online easily and quickly. With the ability to spec your hardware at the click of a button, eCloud Hybrid takes the complexity out of cloud. Once you have configured your eCloud Hybrid solution, it's deployed and up and running within two hours. In addition to this, you are able to provision hardware upgrades at the click of a button.


The flexibility and speed of eCloud Hybrid offers enhanced performance with maximum flexibility. You can make automated hardware upgrades online, taking effect in minutes, to allow you to scale quickly in response to traffic spikes. You can also automatically increase resources for your hardware nodes, enabling you to add or subtract virtual servers to meet your ever-changing business needs.


Shared SAN storage makes eCloud Hybrid more cost-effective, reducing your capital expenditure without compromising on performance. eCloud Hybrid enables you to consolidate your physical servers to reduce hardware costs without any management headaches.


Protect your business with the eCloud Hybrid's robust security features, every server is protected by a Cisco ASA firewall as standard.

Redundancy and Reliability

eCloud Hybrid is built on one of the most reliable platforms available with HP 3PAR storage, Cisco UCS Blades and Cisco 10G networking. Offsite backup replication ensures that your business data is protected and recoverable in the event of a server malfunction. Combined with our 100% network uptime guarantee, you can be sure that your critical data is in the best hands.


We manage and support your eCloud solution, as well as the underlying hardware and network infrastructure, 24x7x365. You are guaranteed direct access to our highly-qualified support engineers, and we promise to answer your calls answered within three rings. Our VMware-certified support engineers will ensure a speedy resolution to any query.


Add a fail-safe backup solution with the choice of single site and offsite backup solutions, so in the unlikely event that you were to lose a virtual machine, you would swiftly get your company backup and running with our backup and restore solution.

Take advantage of our Hybrid cloud to experience peak performance
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eCloud Hybrid

Cloud Infrastructure

Dedicated Redundant Firewall

You benefit from the latest Cisco firewall dedicated to you with all eCloud Hybrid solutions.

Shared, secure enterprise SAN

Enterprise storage without the price tag. Our Storage is provided by the industry-leading HP 3PAR SAN, which stores all of your data and virtual machines. This is a Tier 1 model that is used in the world's largest data centres.

Dedicated Cisco UCS hardware nodes

Your very own dedicated servers power as many virtual machines as you require, in any configuration you need. Flexible and fully-redundant, your virtual machines can be spread across as many hypervisors as required.

Virtualisation Layer

The eCloud Hybrid solution is built upon the latest version of VMware vSphere ESXi. As a 'bare-metal' hypervisor, ESXi partitions the physical server on which it has been installed, into multiple virtual machines. These virtual machines share the resource of the entire system, without the need for a local operating system to perform local system management tasks.

Automated Services

Manage your preferences through your dedicated MyUKFast. Whether you're looking to increase your RAM and storage or even configure your firewall technology, MyUKFast offers a scalable and flexible service enabling you to make any changes as and when you need to.

Take advantage of a reliable cloud

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Your Options
CPU Intel Dual 6C 2.00GHz
Intel Dual 6C 2.66GHz
Intel Dual 8C 2.00GHz
Storage Type Gold - NL-SAS and Fibre Channel
Platinum - NL-SAS, Fibre Channel and SSD
Storage Minimum - 20GB Linux
40GB Windows
Firewall Options Shared Cisco ASA firewall
Dedicated Cisco ASA Firewall
Payment Model 12, 24,36 Month payment schedules
Any upgrades on resources are pay as you go
Available Operating Systems Windows 2008 R2
Windows 2012
Centos 6
Ubuntu 12.04
Deployment Your virtual data centre is built within 2 hours
Configure,control, build and deploy online
Additional Options Webcelerator

Take advantage of our Hybrid cloud to experience peak performance
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With eCloud Hybrid, you are in control. You have the option to work with a cloud solutions architect to design your solution.

Choose your Hardware

Choose the specifcation of your hardware and deploy online. Your cloud build is automated and will be ready within two hours, allowing you to get started.

Customise your Virtual machines

Customise your VM with a variety of CPU, RAM, Storage and backup to allow bespoke system builds. This means you only pay for what you use.

Create your machine from a template, saving you time and resources.

Set up MyUKFast

You will have full control of your virtual machines via your control panel. Use MyUKFast to manage, upgrade and downgrade your virtual machines.

Flexible Pricing

With a flexible pricing model, you are able to burst your resources.

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