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How to buy on the G-Cloud

Buying G-Cloud accredited services is easy, just follow the below steps:


The public sector organisation must have authorisation to purchase services from the CloudStore.

As far as the UK and EU laws are concerned you DO NOT have to run a tender or mini-competition for suppliers.

Secure your budget and funding via the usual methods

Find a Service

You can search the CloudStore or browse our website to look for a service that meets your requirements, and then call us to discuss a service tailored to you.

Usually it is difficult to find an exact match to specific requirements but if you call us, we can go through your requirements to find a solution best suited for your needs.


When you are happy with a service in terms of price and delivery, ordering is easy. We have already agreed a contract with the government procurement service, which makes buying very simple for you. Just simply, follow your usual order raising system, creating purchase order or credit cards.

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