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About G-Cloud

Public Sector & the G-Cloud 4

Cloud is rapidly becoming a way for businesses to bring agility and reliability to their IT departments and with ever shrinking IT budgets in the public sector, cloud commoditisation is becoming increasingly important.

G-Cloud III is a government framework created with the intention of introducing cloud services into the public sector. With over 80% of public sector business tied up in contracts with large corporate giants, the lack of competition has resulted in them not achieving cost efficiencies. The G-Cloud has now been set up to encourage purchasing through alternative, competitive suppliers giving the public sector best-in-breed technology at the right price points.

eCloud on the G-Cloud

Our eCloud services have been approved by the G-Cloud programme under the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) lot; cementing UKFast's position as a leading provider of cloud services in the UK.

eCloud was developed by award-winning IT firm UKFast, which is now an approved government supplier on the G-Cloud 4 framework. With ISO9001 and 14001 certified service, UKFast provides secure cloud computing as standard to all customers.

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