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Accelerate with Webcelerator

Accelerate your site, available as part of your eCloud solution, reduce the need for additional servers and boost your profits with Webcelerator.

Designed to accelerate online growth, Webcelerator empowers your site by dynamically increasing capacity, caching and configuring your site to cope with substantial increases in traffic whilst maintaining a high user experience.

Download Webcelerator, The Cache Machine for a detailed overview of how our web acceleration technology can help your business thrive.

Cache is King

Our advanced technology sits in front of your existing hosting solution, typically accelerating over 90% of your website and efficiently consolidating the work of many servers, resulting in lower operating costs and reduced server expenditure.

Maximise your online sales by enhancing your visitor experience and improving website response times, whilst reducing server costs. With Webcelerator in front of your hosting solution, you can be confident that online sales and conversions will be maximised.

Intelligent Investment

Our Webcelerator clients typically experience an immediate and significant increase in performance, user experience and business results.

  • 70% reduction in load speed
  • 50% increase in sales
  • 40% increase in capacity.

Key Business Benefits:

  • Accelerate over 90% of your website
  • Accelerate your website, regardless of where you host
  • Ideal for retail, ecommerce and high traffic websites
  • Enhance visitor experience and performance
  • Compatible with both Windows and Linux
  • Optional anti-DDoS module
  • Increase performance by reducing the demand on the web servers
  • Reduce server load by over 70%, removing the need for costly upgrades.

Maximise your online revenue with Webcelerator

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