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Cloud Reliability

As a cloud provider, our aim is to maximise the reliability of our service and provide sufficient resiliency to ensure that, if things go wrong, the impact on our customers and their businesses goes virtually unnoticed.

The limitless nature of cloud infrastructure is one of its greater benefits and means that you can change the resources of your chosen solution to accommodate the immediate needs of your business. So, if you experience a peak in traffic, you can simply increase your bandwidth, ensuring complete business continuity. With our new eCloud Public, Hybrid and Private solutions, you are guaranteed even higher levels of security, efficiency and flexibility with new automated services and simple disaster recovery solutions.

eCloud: High Level Redundancy

The reliability of the eCloud is rooted in its high level of redundancy, which secures the highest possible level of uptime for all users. The UKFast network is fully redundant at an NIC, switch, firewall and cabling level. Storage is redundant at a SAN level, with dual controllers, FC links and cage level disk redundancy. Additionally, storage is also redundant at a data centre level with cross site volume replication. Servers in the data centres are redundant at a hardware level. UCS host profiles ensure that your servers are virtualised, allowing them to be moved easily to other hardware.

Servers are also redundant at a cluster level and are all N+1, enforced with an independent backup component to protect your data in the event of a server failure. Specific solutions can be made redundant at a data centre level with the use of SAN Volume Replication and a Disaster Recovery solution. In fact, all components of the eCloud have redundant power from separate feed except for the firewalls.

For high availability and business continuity, the eCloud is arguably the most reliable cloud product on the market today, ensuring peace of mind and security for your business with maximum uptime and minimal disruption.

Ensure business continuity with eCloud

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