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eCloud Overview

eCloud™ delivers a cloud solution that your business can rely upon. Our experience with cloud hosting technology has enabled us to develop a reliable and secure cloud platform that empowers our customers. You have the flexibility to scale your cloud's resources online.

eCloud enables businesses of all sizes to experience cloud on a true enterprise platform. eCloud is built on the industry's most reliable and redundant hardware combining storage from 3PAR, Cisco UCS blades and Cisco 10g switching.

We understand that high performance, resilience and ROI are critical for your business. Which is why we have designed eCloud to deliver the best in managed virtualised IT capabilities to really drive your business ahead.

eCloud™ Public

Respond quickly to your business needs with our flexible, elastic cloud environment. It's simple to use and built on high-performance hardware for enhanced reliability.

eCloud™ Hybrid

Create your own virtual data centre quickly and easily, that you can control. Respond quickly to business changes by scaling your resources at the click of a button. You experience high-performance without compromising any flexibility.

eCloud™ Private

Our most secure cloud solution delivering 100% dedicated infrastructure. Highly customisable to meet your business's specific needs.

eCloud is built using a vSphere platform and eCloud Public, Hybrid and Private are highly sophisticated cloud solutions that enable you to build your own private cloud environment to suit your exact needs, layer by layer. These exclusive solutions give you the flexibility to choose a configuration that will deliver the features required by your business and budget.

Cloud Benefits for you:

  • Reduce capital expenditure with less hardware, software and upgrade costs
  • Dynamic infrastructure that quickly scales on-demand to meet your business needs
  • Increased protection against data loss, power failure and viruses
  • Sophisticated, managed hosting solutions for increased performance
  • Complete business reassurance with our SLA guarantees
  • UK-based 24/7 support designed to provide enhanced technical assistance
  • Reduce your carbon footprint with our 100% carbon neutral hosting.